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Ariel Gutierrez Portrait


Ariel Leonardo Gutierrez grew up in a small town named Diezmero, where inventing was a hobby for everybody. That remote place located in La Habana, Cuba, was the cradle of his vision as a designer. Cubans have always been self-taught designers and engineers because they learn these things to survive. Since he inherited this feature, he was always building models of wooden ships and planes. When he watched the movie Titanic, he realized that he wanted to become an engineer and create a vessel that could surpass any engineering barrier to prevent another similar catastrophe from happening. While living in U.S. he enrolled in Miami Lakes Tech where he gained proficiencies in graphic design, drafting, and sketching. He obtained an Associate in Arts degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Honors College of Miami-Dade College.

Pursuing Dreams

He has participated in conventions including Washington Center Seminar and United Nations Millennium Campus Conference. Also, he participated in the LITECAR challenge created by Local Motors and ARPA-E. In the International Vehicle Design Committee, he has sought to inspire designers locally and globally to forge new ways of saving the environment by replacing the conventional use of internal combustion engine cars with sustainable, green vehicles. Recently, he worked for ZuidWesterSloep and created 3-dimensional models of their upcoming boat. He is currently studying at University of Florida to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. After all, it seems that his childhood dreams and all the inventive heritage of his native people could be consolidated into a real outcome. The creative spark he carries in his veins together with all the knowledge he gathered in this land of opportunities will finally give birth to marvelous innovations.