Welcome to Ariel Designs Portfolio

The great achievements that were made by the great inventors and amazing artists started with the tip of a pencil. Since I was a child, I always thought myself as an inventor, from wooden sculpted sailing ships to 3D models. Now as a Mechanical Engineer, I believe that I have no limits because innovating has endless possibilities.

YouTube Channel

The potential of the eyes have the ability to see beyond the universe and they allow an artist to produce unique artworks that can be brought to reality. Without having artists on our society, we would not have any technology because everything comes from paper and pencil. This is my YouTube channel where I added some SketchUp tutorials and tips. I started using SketchUp about five years ago, and it was the first application that I learned for drafting.
I added several plugins to Sketchup in order to have smoother surfaces and more polygons, which enhances the quality of the model. This allowed me to design automobiles, yachts, motorcycles, and planes much easier. I work together with another program called Kerkythea, which is used for rendering. SketchUp is ideal for working with Kerkythea because the renders have high quality. Kerkythea has a free software license.

AP Studio Art Portfolio

AP Studio Art is a college course that I took as a senior in Miami Lakes Educational Center. The examination of this course was based on a portfolio built throughout the year of taking the class. The portfolio artwork consisted of three sections: breadth, concentration, and quality. The breadth section was composed of artworks with different medias. The concentration was suppose to depict a central idea or a series of drawings depicting the same concept. I decided to create a muscle car collection for my concentration. The quality section was suppose to show mastery in several medias.