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Ariel Gutierrez is passionate about mechanical engineering and design. He has been working with drafting programs such as SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor for several years. He recently started learning Autodesk Fusion because it combines most features from drafting software. In addition, as a mechanical engineering student at University of Florida he has expanded his knowledge on manufacturing, technical drawing, and engineering mechanics.

Environmental Sustainability

Overview of Design Process

Ariel enjoys traditional art mediums such as drawing with pencil and charcoal. For every project, he likes conceptualizing ideas through sketching. These sketches are later scanned and refined with digital drawing technology such as Wacom Tablet and Photoshop. After having a good understand of the concept, he uses 3D drafting software to create models of the concept. He uses both rendering software and digital drawing software to create realistic and vivid images of his concepts.

He has to utilize his knowledge on engineering mechanics such as statics and dynamics in order to successfully design engineering projects. In addition, electrical engineering and physics is useful to calculate torque from motors and other mechanical components. After taking Design and Manufacturing Lab at University of Florida he learned to design for manufacturing and minimize cost of components that need to be produced for a given project. This was accomplished by learning how to operate with lathe and milling machines.

Technical Drawing and Sketching

Technical drawing is essential in mechanical engineering because its the first step in designing a component. Technical drawings include measurements, units, scales, material, and other important information necessary to manufacture the part. Digital drawing and rendering can be used to refine these sketches for better quality or for presentation purposes.


Ariel was a staff for the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Ladder at Miami Dade College to learn how to operate with drones and teach students in the robotics summer camp. He learned how to assemble, install, and operate DJI drones and codrones with Arduino.

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